Twenty-Four Mountains

Feng Shui Software for the Mac

Version 1.6.3 (Big Sur and M1 Support*)

Twenty-Four Mountains simplifies the creation of the Ba Zhai and Flying Star charts for classically trained feng shui practitioners.  Using a site's compass reading Twenty-Four Mountains will generate the Liqi Pai charts for a floor plan.

The Liqi map is clearly laid out over the imported floor plan. You can remove or add any layer of the map and change it’s opacity to show emphasis. Having the Liqi methods displayed over the floor plan allows you to clearly read the qi story of your client's space.

Twenty-Four Mountains currently available in English and Chinese languages. If you would like to help us translate it into your native language please contact us.

Click to Download Twenty-Four Mountains

Compatible with any Intel or Apple Silicon Mac*, macOS 10.9+
Apple M1 Macs please useRosetta as a temporary workaround

Looking for older versions?

Twenty-Four Mountains v1.5.3 supports Intel Mac OS X Lion 10.7+

Twenty-Four Mountains v1.4.16 supports Intel Mac OS X Leopard 10.6+

You can download a sample Twenty-Four Mountains document here.

To print or save your documents and remove the demo time limit, please consider purchasing a license.