Twenty-Four Mountains

Feng Shui Software for the Macintosh

The Authors

Amy and Kevin Ross are living a magical adventure together, on this bright blue marble spinning in space. A path on that journey has led them to create a must-have analytical tool for classical feng shui practitioners, known as Twenty-Four Mountains.

Kevin is a contract Macintosh & iOS software engineer and Amy is a classical feng shui practitioner and copywriter. While receiving her certification at the Golden Gate Feng Shui School in California, the two began to speculate about how the process of casting Liqi Pai charts could be improved, while also avoiding possible miscalculations and saving mountains (if you will) of time.

The most problematic aspect of casting a chart by hand, is finding the centroid of a complex shaped building (at best the results are approximate). By plotting out the shape of the floor plan in software, practitioners achieve a much more accurate metric for finding the center.

Their speculation coalesced into a vision, and the idea for Twenty-Four Mountains was born.

The team at Twenty-Four Mountains is dedicated to producing software that is engaging and natural to use.  If you have any questions or feedback about our software please contact Kevin. Those looking for a contract Mac / iPhone software developer can also read his resumé.  For all feng shui related inquiries, please contact Amy.