Twenty-Four Mountains

Feng Shui Software for the Mac

Find the center of any shaped building with a few clicks of your mouse. 100% accurate! No more guesswork...

Calculate the center of any shaped building.

Simply import any floor plan and with a few clicks of your mouse, Twenty-Four Mountains will locate the exact center.

Finding the center of a floor plan is often the most needlessly daunting task in the consulting process. Because we need to find the “center of gravity” or balance-point of the floor plan and not the geometric center, locating it can be messy at best and inaccurate at worst.

Calculating the centroid of an area is the same as finding the center of gravity, with uniform density. In other words, when calculating the centroid, only the shape of the object or, in our case, the floor plan of the building is used.

Twenty-Four Mountains calculates the centroid and plots the exact center of any floor plan with a few clicks of the mouse.